Monday, January 31, 2011

Fourth Blog

            Every Tuesday we have something called The Revelation Quiz. It is "surprise surprise" over what we've learned about the book  of Revelation so far. Its set up like a game show Jeopardy to be more exact. They don't give you the answer and you give the question though. Its the other way around, but there is categories and different points amounts ( not money I wish) for each question. Teams one and two com-peat the first week and so on. I'm on team two so we had to go the first week we had it. This is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because only have one weeks of notes to study. Curse because you have no idea of what to expect as far as what types of questions they will ask and how far in depth the questions will be. We did end up winning but it wasn't what I would consider a pretty victory even though we did kick there butts. It's double elimination winners play winners and losers play losers every week till theirs two teams left which of course play for the championship. The winning team gets free tuition for a year ( yeah right). I don't think you get anything. Who knows maybe a T-shirt.
            A holocaust surviver came in and shared his life story with us he was a young child during that time. Actually he was still in his mothers womb when she was taken to one of the death camps. The Nazis' would usually take the fetus out of the women and throw it in an oven (unimaginable and cruelty I know). With the exception of the few they kept to do experiments on. This man (Peter Loth) was one lucky or unlucky ones how ever you want to look at it. His story was disturbing, seriously I thought I knew about the things that went on at those deaths camps. I was wrong there are things that went on that I had know idea about. Most of the people listening felt the same way. People were crying some had to leave the room so if you think you know all about it think again chances are you don't. The reason he came to talk about it was to teach us about forgiveness. Thats right you think forgiving people is hard. Imagine trying to truly forgive the Nazis' and then ask God to Bless them. What wrong you feel people have done to you forget about there is on way it could compare. So suck it up put you big boy or girl pants on at forgive them and ask God to Bless them. If you don't then how is God suppose to forgive you. It will get in the way of you aligning or connecting your heart with God through Jesus Christ.
               We are getting ready to start a class called Pure Heart. It is designed to examine your heart and search it for issues that you have trouble with even if you don't realize it yet. Things that may have happened to you in the past the you never dealt with properly. The nickname for the class is Puree Heart. I'm excited to see what things I have that I may have suppressed. People say it's a painful class to go through, but is happy they went through it knowing they are better for having done it. This is all in an effort to get rid of all the junk the keeps us for becoming the person God wants us to be. Sorry if anyone is tired of me talking about God just try and open up to it.
                The people here are great. I've made a bunch of friends already. Everybody is very willing to give me rides to wherever. That to me is a huge deal not just because don't have a license, but because I love it when people are so will to help out. It's something that you can't find just anywhere since people are becoming more and more selfish. I feel many people take other peoples kindness for granted. The people that give me rides not only take places when I ask, but if I don't see them they call or text me to make sure I have a ride. Now that is awesome and you can't beat that. Oh wait you can beat that and some did by having me over for lunch or inviting me to dinner. I know they probably just feel bad for me or think I can't take care of myself for whatever reason, but I'm sure and least a little part of them might actually like me. I hope at least. There's one couple Chris and Amy they are both a little younger not much though. In fact Chris 29 and Amy well I won't say some women don't like to tell people there age, but she is younger then Chris. They are from Austin, Texas and have been married for three years. They are one of my main means of transportation and are awesome people fun to hang out with and talk to, have great sense of humors, have huge hearts and they are seriously perfect for each other. I'm not just saying this because I know their going to read this either I mean it. They are in my group thats how I meet them. Then there are Zac and Kim they take me to class in the morning. I don't know how old they are I guess the 40's though. They are from New Orleans or Norlens however you wish to say it. Kim as the biggest heart in the world she loves to pray for people. Zac has a big heart too and he is a great cook too. Christine is Chinese she's younger then me not sure how much though. Christine is an artist so thats awesome I have yet to see any of her paintings though. She's a cool girl very,smart and great sense of humor and see takes me to church on Sun. and sometimes gives me rides to and from the prayer room. Our group leader is also named Zac he used to be in a band now he's married with kids. He's a great leader he gives us alot of encouragement and pushes us to get out of our comfort zones, which is exactly what I need. There is so many other great people here I could write a book on it, but I won't I'll spare ya. Thats enough for now hopefully next time I can write a little about what God is doing inside me. Email me or just leave a comment if they is anything specific you have questions about or something specific you want me to write about. Till next time.          

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Third Blog

            So the couple that take me to class every morning were a little worried last week because they needed to put gas in there car, but didn't really have money to pay for it. They were talking about it one day on the way to class. They were praying that a support check would come in that they were expecting that day. I probably should have just offered to fill there tank just to be nice and they were obviously in need. I am on there way to where we go to class just thought so I don't absolutely obligated to give them money for gas just because they take me. It was in the morning too so maybe I just wasn't tuned in to what was going on either. In any case I didn't really say much at the time. Back to the point of the story. When got to class I was sitting there waiting for class to start and I over heard Zac ( the husband of the couple that take me) say that Kim his wife didn't have even enough money to get a coffee so Corey ( the main guy in charge of us) paid for it. At that moment I thought of a roll of dimes I had been carry around in my bag that I had gotten back in Goshen from my friend Coraya for getting something at the gas station for her. I don't carry cash so this was all I had. So I got it out and gave it to Zac and told him to use it for gas. He didn't want to take at first, but then I assured him that I would be fine without it. Now there something in the bible about whatever you give you will receive twice its value in return. Weather its in the form of money, knowledge etc..... The class started and I didn't put another thought into it. Break time came and I went out to go to the restroom. When I came back and sat down I looked and there was a ten dollar bill slipped in one of my books like a bookmark. I kinda looked around wondering where the heck that came from. No one was near me. Say what you want maybe someone heard the conversation from before or maybe God put it on someone's heart to give me ten dollars, but one thing for sure it was definitely God at work. I was thinking man if this is going to happen maybe I'll give more money away and keep give it away until I can retire off the money that God has given me. I haven't tested this theory out yet but that would be great if it worked.
            The church services here a little different then you typically see in Goshen, In. Here there is a service fri. and sat. night where IHOP allows the worship time to go for an hour and a half or so. It starts out with singing then leads into asking for more of the Holy Spirit or God's presence to come. When get so incredibly filled with the Holy Spirit a couple things my happen. People start to laugh uncontrollably (people call this being filled with the wine of jesus), they will shake or some will just fall to the ground. So I was standing up front with two hundred other people worshiping and praying for God to fill me with the Holy Spirit. Also that God would give me the gift of praying in tongues. All at once someone came up and started praying for me. At first they put there hand on my shoulder and prayed. then they decided to put his hand on my head and next thing I know I'm on the ground. More people came up and started praying for me while I was on the ground and now I have the gift of praying tongues. I guess the Holy Spirit just knocked me up side the head it was crazy I really can't explain it to you except it was the warmest, safest, purest filling I've ever experienced. After the leaders feel like the Holy Spirit is really thick in there they start calling off things that they fill God has told them he will heal. Those people raise there hands and other people gather around and pray for them. Sometimes they get healed sometimes they don't. Just to give you some idea though multiple people do get healed every time. Some are minor like a pain in there leg that goes away. Some of the more incredible ones if you will (even though one is not greater then the other)are. Allergic reactions to food gone and now the person can eat whatever he wants. A persons legs being different lengths now the same. People with chronic back pain for ten years some there whole life is now healed. A girl with a detached retina can now see. Thirty five years of arthritis pain gone. Thats just a couple it happens all the time around here and if your doubting weather its real or not it is these are people that I go to class with. Then after that stuff Mike Bickle preaches the message.
             Sorry gotta go I'll write more on about my friends here and how IHOP is preparing me for life and following what God has in-store for me next. I just get off on typing about other things and next thing you know I gotta be somewhere. K later on.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Second Blog

            The International House of Prayer really is an amazing place especially when you start to understand what this place is really all about. I knew it was devoted to 24/7 prayer and to truly coming in connection with God, but there is an amazing prophetic history behind it that takes place over the past thirty years. I have only heard bits and pieces of it so far, but by the end of the internship I'm sure I will know it well. I'll try to give you a quick overview of some of the things that have happen over the years. A prophet back In 1983 came to Mike Bickle (creator of ihop) and started talking about visions see saw and things that were going to happen. Mike thought the guy was off his rocker at first. So the prophet told Mike that on a specific date a comet would be seen that even the scientists of the world would not know about. Sure enough on the exact day the prophet said he showed up at Mike's office with a newspaper (not sure which one or where it even occurred) that read on the front page about a comet shooting across the sky that no scientist knew about or even existed. I guess that got Mike's attend cause after that he started listen to what the prophet had to say. One vision this prophet had he talked of see people somewhere in China in a field watching a hand held television that had no wires in the middle of a field and they were watching song birds sing. Keep in mind this is back in the early 80's when nothing of that nature was even thought about. Today you can watch the Prayer Room at IHOP on your mobile phone where you want to including a field in China. The song birds are the men and women singing prayers in the Prayer Room 24/7. That is just the tip of the ice burg as they say. Mike Bickle explains the whole thing on a cd or dvd called Encountering Jesus I have it, but have not had time to watch it yet. I believe its 9 or 10 one hour sessions and even then he cut some of the stories short to try and save time.  You might be able to find it on the internet if anyone was interested. I've heard things about drout, flooding and other kind of natural occurances. I suggest you look in to it it sounds very interesting. Right now they are talking about going from 500 to 5,000 over night and they just recently hit 500 interns/students then 5,000 people where displaced from there homes because of the mississippi river flooding. That was in the prophesy too buy the way. So they are expecting some to happen very soon again could be tomarrow. Please try and take all of this with an open mind. It really is crazy thats why I can't wait to learn about the thing. IHOP is based upon the idea of the tabernacle of David. God said he would bring in back in the end times but this time to all the nations. That is what they believe IHOP's purpose is and it was said that it will become a whole city of prayer. Anyway I was asking God the other night if I should be making more of an effort to meet more people and all at once the words spend time with me popped in my head. So I believe it was God telling me not to worry about friends he will take care of that for me. That I should just send time with him. I thought that  was pretty cool. Its probably the clearest I've ever heard him. Till the next day that is when an intern of IHOP was praying for me. He came up touched my chest. When did I praying to myself as he began to pray that God would speak through him. At that moment I think he started praying in tongues. Afterwards he told me God gave him a vision of me sitting in the back seat of a car God was driving. I asked him if we were there yet. He turned around and said not yet, but not to worry he is driving and we will be there soon. That confirmed to me that I was in the right place and not to worry. He is driving and he will get me to where he wants me to be safely. It sounds a little crazy for me to be writing things like this to some, but I am certain it is God speaking to me. On the lighter side of things I've been meeting many new people. I've got four different people that will take me places and there are many more where that came from. We got bout 8 inches of snow last night. People were freaking out cause some here have never really been in snow before. The school ended up canceling classes today. I did end up going to the Prayer Room in the afternoon though. I really wish I would brought a sled theres some great hills around here. I've been learning about consecration(the channel or avenue we use to connect with God). I've also been reading about prayer and fasting. So I'm going to start doing that as a way to become closer to God. Don't spread it around I'm pretty sure your suppose to do it in secrecy:). I've also being learning how to keep engaged while being in the prayer room for four hours at a time. Today I listened to a cd called the Purity Covenant. We all have to make a commitment of seven things we will do in order to keep us clean of sexual immorality. Its something new the people at IHOP felt God was telling them to do to hold everybody accountable for each other. One thing we had to do was put software on are computer that would keep track of the websites we go to. It then sends an email to one one the leaders if there were any questionable sites visited. One more thing I forgot IHOP is a world wide prayer movement and they are they very clear when they tell us we are a part of it now. It is no accident that we are here at this time so it does get me excited to think about being a part of something that is suppose to grow into something bigger then we can imagine. Something that is part of God's plans for the future. Don't I will keep asking questions to make sure I don't get caught up in the hiep (not sure about that spelling). Anyways talk to you later. God Bless

Monday, January 17, 2011

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First Blog

          Hello everyone this is where I live in Kansas City. I have four roommates three upstairs and one in the basement. My room is also in the basement. The one downstairs with me is going to the school of music at IHOP. He plays saxophone, guitar, I even heard him making up some rhymes the other day. He is one of those people who can pick an instrument and play it. Must be nice. He's 18 and his name is Micheal. Upstairs we got Shane who is 35 and used to be a plumber. He just finished the same program I'am in (Intro to IHOP) and is just staying here till he figures out what he is going to do next. Next we got James he is 39 and he was a medical student before he came here. I think he is going to return to the medical field, but maybe  something around here if he can. He's from California and also went through kind of an Intro program , but it wasn't quite as in depth as the program I'am doing. Finally we got Chris he is 52 and about to get married so he will be moving out soon. Chris went through the Simeon Company program which is like Intro, but is for people 50 and over. As for me I case someone reads this who doesn't know me. My name is Mark Yoder and I'am from Goshen, In. I insulated houses for the past nine years. Two and a half  years ago I was forced by Elkhart county to change my ways of partying. At the time I was not happy, but it has turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me. It lead to me making big changes in my life and the most important thing excepting Jesus into my heart and being saved. There is alot more to my previous life may be will share at some other time. Ever since I was saved I have wanted to go deeper in God's word and find out what it was all about. How I could learn to truly hear God and live my life how he wants me to live it. I want to experience the miracles that are talked about in the bible first hand. Finally after two years of thinking about it and trying to figure out where God wants me to go I find myself here in Kansas City,MO. at the International House of Prayer. It took alot of work to get every in order to come here ( renting my house, quiting my job etc...). I'm here now and know it was the right choice. I got some pretty crazy looks and alot of questions when I told people. I figure if people give my crazy looks and don't quite understand why. I must be on the right track since no one really understands how God works anyways. I got alot of support also. In fact I could have never made it changing my life and definitely not made it here with all the love and support I got from my wonderful friends and family. If any of you read this( you know who you are) I want you to make sure you know how important you have and I can't put into words how greatful I am for everything you've done for me. On one has helped me more then my parents. They've stuck with me through good times and bad and are the best parents anyone could ever hope to have.