Monday, February 28, 2011

Sixth Blog

            I just realized today that it's been a month since I've written anything on my blog. It was brought to my attention by my friend Amy. So I thought maybe I better write something although I have no idea what to write. I'm just gonna start typing and see where it goes.
            It was a dark and stormy night the wind was howling like a wolf at a full moon. Rain and sleet where pouring down and thunder and lightning crashes as if the sky was going to spit open. I was on my way back from the prayer room when I got caught up in this storm that came in like the snap of a finger. I was traveling up hill and the water and ice rushing down the sides of the street where I was walking was like a river of water coming down from a melting glacier. I didn't know if I could make it but I knew I had to try. If not for my sake then for the sake of the children. Suddenly a big gust of wind hit me with the force of a train and I was swept away in the river of ice. As I went down the river unable to stop myself I saw I was about to be washed across the road straight in front of on coming traffic. Then all at once a lightning bolt came down and struck a tree up ahead causing it to fall. I knew it was my only chance if could just reach and grab on to a branch I could stop myself from being swept out in the road in front of the oncoming vehicle. As I drew closer I wondered if I was going to be able to reach it. It was a long shot but I had to try it was my only hope. Now just 15 feet away I reach out with my left hand in desperation to stop myself as the head lights of the oncoming vehicle bared down on me blinding me. I felt the branch went to clinch it with all the strength I had left and ok thats enough of that story not bad though right? Tell me were you in to it at all did I get your blood pumping. I the very least I hope you found some humor in it.
              God has really been moving in peoples lives around here. God is pouring more wisdom, knowledge and understanding into me. God has spoke through five people from friday night to saturday night to me. Feb. 25 and 26. They ranged from words of encouragement (to press into God deeper especially when I'm distracted or don't want to do something cause that probably means God is about ready to reveal new truth and the enemy is trying to stop it) to words about my calling ( nothing specific though just enough to give me a glimpse). Friday night was another awesome EGS service it during worship it was like we were at a concert or something. By the time we were done worshiping God people where so pumped no one wanted to stop. Everybody standing up front (which is like two hundred people including myself ) and I have no idea how many standing at there seats ( which is another maybe 900 guessing) started saying JESUS JESUS JESUS over and over. The message was great giving me a deeper understanding of sacrifice Jesus made to take on the flesh. Which meant having to endure all the pain, suffering and doubt that humans do. I mean he is God but he became man to come and not only teach us but offer himself as the one and only truly pure sacrifice. In order to pay the debt for our sins that we now are forgiven of (as long as you except him into your life and ask him for forgiveness). That we may rise as his inheritance as his spotless bride to become part of the trinity (father, son, holy spirit) and rule with him in the new age. He didn't have to subject himself to become man and go though all that pain and suffering. Just think about it when he became man he couldn't just talk to God he had to pray and wait on the holy spirit to come to him. He had to build faith in God. Jesus came from hanging out with God side by side having no weakness. He gave that up to become man and have to deal with  physical pain, hunger, having to sleep, doubt, being mocked, etc... He did it because he loves us in ways that can never be measured. The least we can do I thanks which is still not enough is follow, honor, love and worship him.
            After the message we worshiped got in the spirit and God healed like eight people or something maybe more it was awesome. The next morning I woke up and felt what I am calling fully anointed partially do to the words I got the night before I believe ( you know who you are back in Goshen). I had a feeling of complete satisfaction. It felt so good I got suspicious and thought maybe it was something not of God because I just wanted stay in bed. Not because I was tired but it just felt so right. I made a n turkey and cheese omelet which was perfect got showered and dressed then headed to the prayer room. This was at 12:00 p.m. I sat in the prayer room worshiped, prayed and did some bible study. This is not always easy cause you know who is always trying to distract you but today it was no problem ( just for the record worshiping, praying and bible study really is work in case some of you may think I'm on a vacation its not). Its basically all I do go ahead try it see how long you last before your mind starts to wonder or you think of something that you have to do instead etc.. there is alot of ways you can lose focus. Its all more then worth it though to get to become ever closer to God (forgive me if this is boasting) . I was informed earlier that I had to find a different ride to the CEC ( children's equipping center where I help out with 8-12 year olds no sunday mornings) because she was taking a personal day. So I was like ok God who do I know that lives close that helps out during first service. So I got out the of numbers and looked through it. I decided that after the prayer room I would head over to the coffee shop and figure it out before I head to the FCF service. I got up to go and there was chris he wanted know if I was interested in coming over to his house to have burritos for dinner with him and this wife amy ( fellow ihop'ers). I you know me at all you know how much I love food and how much I eat. For some reason (God) I decided to stick with my previous plan. I also had an apple and two clementines I could snack on. I walked out the door and saw a couple I knew lived close and knew my house would be on their way in the morning. I thought maybe I should ask them even though I had only said hi to them once in passing. I asked them if they could give me a ride in the morning but they don't help out during first service. As I was going through the doors to go outside I said to myself ok God if that wasn't it then who should I ask. As soon as I stepped outside I saw a guy that helped out the same time I did sunday morning. I asked him and he said yes it was even on this way just what I was looking for. Then went into the coffee shop sat down and pretty quick this couple for Montana walked in and sat down with me. This is a couple that was originally from Oklahoma which is where my dad and of course grandma and grandpa are from. The wife remembered her mom speaking of a minnie she knew from way back when. This turned out to be my grandma small world huh. I got a chance to talk to them more and get to know them better. My point is one of the prophetic words that was given to me was go to where you have to rely on God and he will meet you there. I realize this is on a small scale but he totally did. If i would have went over to chris and amy's I would have never had those conversations. I didn't even have to call anyone for a ride I asked and God answered and I got to talk to that couple.
           That night at the FCF (forerunner christian fellowship) it was a great service like the night before. After the message we did the usual worship and pray for each other. I was standing up front with the big crowd and some people came up and started prophesying over me. They were giving me all kinds of encouraging words (AWESOME). Then I prayed for some people and went to sit down. I got back up after a little bit and decided I should go pray for some more people. I went to the crowd and saw know one that didn't have at least one person praying for them. I stood there for a moment listening to some of the testimonies of healing being told on stage. A kid came up and asked if I was waiting for prayer. I told him not really I had already been prayed for. He asked if he could pray for me if he could pray for me too. I said yeah if you want ( tip never turn down prayer). He started praying and pretty soon he says that he just feels like I'm soaring. He was right remember I've been walking in the glory of God all day. When I told him he was right on he got excited and a big smile appeared on his face. He continued to pray and asked if I knew what my calling was. I told him It wasn't crystal clean but God had been given me little hits. Then he told me that he sees me setting up my tents in my calling and standing firm. More people came up to me and started prophesying over me it was crazy. One guy said he sees me as a David a real giant killer. Then he made it clear that he wasn't meaning to boast me up but just wanted me to understand that God is building me up. Showing me who he is pouring wisdom, knowledge, understanding and love into me. He said God is revealing what the enemy does in me life and how he tries to work against me. If I can see that I can better avoid the enemy. God is doing this not just to bring me closer to him but to mature me in my faith and understanding of who God is. He said I am going to stand very strong in my faith and I will walk in that faith my whole life. Then he said God will reveal things to me when the time is right and to just keep saying yes to him. This is especially meaningful to me because no one has ever went into as much detail. Like calling me a David my confidence has really grown after all the ways I have seen God working that day and I know it is just going to get better.
           The next day which was sunday I was in the prayer room. We were all taking part in intercession pray for Egypt when they called a rapid fire prayer. This is when anybody who wants to goes up and says a 10 to 15 second prayer on the mic. The leaders encourage this so we get used to praying in front of  crowds. So I go up having no idea what I'm going to say so I asked God to give me a prayer. He did of course this is so awesome to me because I have never been able to hear God this clearly and know beyond a doubt it is him and from him.
            Today we had an all staff meeting which includes interns. There were speakers from Africa, Egypt and they had a video from Haiti. First in Cairo, Egypt they had a video of this rally going on very recently that started out as a non christian rally. At some point and time the man that was speaking to us and some other followers of christ started praying and worshiping God. It turned into a christian rally of over 500,000 people. this is amazing we are talking Muslims and christians worshiping the same one and only God we do. These people even started going to the christian church. This is a perfect example of prayers being answered. This is what we have been praying for. God is also rising up people in Africa we are talking a prayer meeting that started out with four people has grown to thousands. In Haiti some women decided to start a prayer meeting and it's grown to 12,000. There is many more houses of prayer rising all over the world. This is so amazing because this is what God said he would do. He is raising up his people to carry out his plans and we are all a part of it.
            Mike Bickle is traveling to sole, Korea where 100 or so for the senior pastors from around the world will gather. Mike is one of the speakers and he will be talking about combining prayer with music in the spirit with intimacy with God which is what we do here and is breaking out across the globe. This is huge cause it will spark more houses of prayer across the globe. Please pray for Mike for god to protect him give him wisdom, knowledge, understanding,strength, favor that kind of thing. He ids leaving no Feb. 23 or 24 and will be gone for three weeks.
             I feel like I've been walking in the glory of God if anyone needs direction take three or six months and come to here your life will be changed forever. Come to a conference or they have something called weekends at IHOP. Start a prayer meeting with music in the spirit and in intimacy with God. There is a house of prayer in Elkhart, Indiana. I encourage you to check the website the link is at the top left hand corner of this blog site in case you have not seen it. You don't have to go through IHOP but I encourage you to really dig deep into the bible  and to familiarize yourself with what Gods plan is and what God is doing in the world right now. Also what are part is in it all. If you are already aware of it great tell some else. This is not an IHOP thing its worldwide and I believe its only going to get bigger.
              By the way I grabbed on to the branched stopped myself from being washed in front of traffic and made it home safely. The End.    

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fifth Blog

           The other day all of the people in track one of the intro program got prophetic words spoken over them including me of course. It wasn't like they were going to tell you your future or anything. The goal was to tell us this that God wanted us to know by speaking though them. It was awesome to sit there in front of people and have them tell you things that have been on your heart or when they say something that someone else has already told you is really cool cause you know if it came from two different people it was definitely God speaking though them. One thing that more then one person told me was that I am very strong like a pillar and have a strong foundation to build on. More recently someone told me they saw me as a tree and my roots went so far down into the ground they it amazed them. I'm taking that as I am deeply rooted in Christ because of the choices my parents made to make God a part of there lives and because of the choices there parents made to have God be apart of there lives. I'm not sure about my grandparents parents but I'm pretty sure they were well rooted in Christ and so on. My point is that I'm so greatful to have family that chose to give themselves to Christ. To me this is key where would I be if it wasn't for that probably dead. You know it just amazes me how God just snatched me up out of my life of death. It also makes me think of the story of the prodigal son in the bible. I turned away from my parents and God for 12 years and tried to go my own way. I put them though much pain and suffering to put it lightly and who were the first people to always help me when everything I was doing caught up to me. Despite what some people may have told my parents to do they helped me out in any way they could because they had that same love that God has for his children inside of them of me. That undying love that no matter what happens it never goes weak in fact I believe it just grows stronger. Now imagine if my parents wouldn't have been so well rooted in God. Imagine if there parents would have been so well rooted in God and if there parents hadn't been rooted in God. Then what? Where would you turn for comfort in those hard times? Where would you turn for guidance in those hard times? Who would pick you up when you fall? I guess you would just have to try and make it on your own. You would have to pick yourself up, but lets just be honest about this. You can't pick yourself up go ahead try it. It really does sound ridiculous even kind of funny when you think about it. This is why its so important to spread the Word of God to others and pass it on. Don't just live life acting like God isn't there cause he is whether you realize it or not. I didn't realize it for 12 years that it was God speaking to me so I just ignored it. Instead of listening I just did what made me happy at that min. in my life. Once I stopped filling myself with drugs God ambushed me. It was his first chance in years to talk to me when I had a clear head for an extended period of time. I began to realize the thoughts in my headed were God and I would be much better off if I listened to him. Its not like my way of doing things got me anywhere to begin with so I mean what did I have to lose. Anyway back to passing on Gods Word to others. Many already know this but it's been on my heart for awhile now. We are headed into a very scary time with less and less people knowing God everyday. I believe it's largely because of the anything goes attitude. We all just keep letting things slide by and keep putting God aside saying "yeah we'll get back to that God thing later". Don't get me wrong I did it and Thank you Jesus for waking me up and giving me parents that stayed strong and didn't give up. What about the kids growing up now who the heck is going to teach them about God. So many parents have kids when they didn't want them and aren't ready to be parents yet. I mean how is someone who doesn't know who they are suppose to guide and teach a baby how to live. Abortions not the answer we can't kill Gods kids how would you like it if someone killed your kid. There not our kids to begin with Gods just entrust them to us. To raise them and instill Gods Word in them. Not to mention all the kids that live in broken homes and the orphans. Thats right I played the orphan card. I mean there is so many kids that need help that we could all have are hands full with trying to be parents to other kids that are not our own. This kids are going to be running the world one day. Things are already so corrupt imagine whats in store when people with no religious background and nothing to keep them in check like Gods Word start running things. Somebodies got to turn this around we are responsible for the generation under us. What are we going to say to God when we meet him in heaven and he ask you why you didn't spread his words to the generation below you. After all it is our part in the partnership with God to do this. I know one or two can't turn it around we will all have to could together. If you don't already maybe start reading the bible it is the number one best seller of all time you know and their is a reason for that. It contains the greatest knowledge ever known to man. Everything you need to know about living a truly happen and abundant life is in there. One of the most amazing things is that it was written thousands of years ago and everything in there still holds true today. If you don't know where to start go to the new testament and start with Matthew. Don't speed through it either there is no do date on this. I promise you will be amazed just ask God for the words to touch your heart. Then find someone to ask questions and talk about it with them. Then just reach out to others you won't even have to say anything your actions speak louder than words. Then pray ask for strength and guidance. The more you put into yourself the more God will use you. Maybe go and volunteer somewhere to help out with kids or the homeless or even your friends. Cook dinner for someone take a kid to a movie just spend some time with them. You have no idea how you may impact there lives. Imagine how good it will feel when you go to heaven and God says job well done. To save this next generation we first have to allow God to save us. If we can get to this kids the number unplanned and unwanted pregnancies will drop because the kids will have the right foundation to make better decisions and say no to it and the things that lead up to it. I just had to get that off my chest. God Bless you all. I'm done for now.