Monday, February 14, 2011

Fifth Blog

           The other day all of the people in track one of the intro program got prophetic words spoken over them including me of course. It wasn't like they were going to tell you your future or anything. The goal was to tell us this that God wanted us to know by speaking though them. It was awesome to sit there in front of people and have them tell you things that have been on your heart or when they say something that someone else has already told you is really cool cause you know if it came from two different people it was definitely God speaking though them. One thing that more then one person told me was that I am very strong like a pillar and have a strong foundation to build on. More recently someone told me they saw me as a tree and my roots went so far down into the ground they it amazed them. I'm taking that as I am deeply rooted in Christ because of the choices my parents made to make God a part of there lives and because of the choices there parents made to have God be apart of there lives. I'm not sure about my grandparents parents but I'm pretty sure they were well rooted in Christ and so on. My point is that I'm so greatful to have family that chose to give themselves to Christ. To me this is key where would I be if it wasn't for that probably dead. You know it just amazes me how God just snatched me up out of my life of death. It also makes me think of the story of the prodigal son in the bible. I turned away from my parents and God for 12 years and tried to go my own way. I put them though much pain and suffering to put it lightly and who were the first people to always help me when everything I was doing caught up to me. Despite what some people may have told my parents to do they helped me out in any way they could because they had that same love that God has for his children inside of them of me. That undying love that no matter what happens it never goes weak in fact I believe it just grows stronger. Now imagine if my parents wouldn't have been so well rooted in God. Imagine if there parents would have been so well rooted in God and if there parents hadn't been rooted in God. Then what? Where would you turn for comfort in those hard times? Where would you turn for guidance in those hard times? Who would pick you up when you fall? I guess you would just have to try and make it on your own. You would have to pick yourself up, but lets just be honest about this. You can't pick yourself up go ahead try it. It really does sound ridiculous even kind of funny when you think about it. This is why its so important to spread the Word of God to others and pass it on. Don't just live life acting like God isn't there cause he is whether you realize it or not. I didn't realize it for 12 years that it was God speaking to me so I just ignored it. Instead of listening I just did what made me happy at that min. in my life. Once I stopped filling myself with drugs God ambushed me. It was his first chance in years to talk to me when I had a clear head for an extended period of time. I began to realize the thoughts in my headed were God and I would be much better off if I listened to him. Its not like my way of doing things got me anywhere to begin with so I mean what did I have to lose. Anyway back to passing on Gods Word to others. Many already know this but it's been on my heart for awhile now. We are headed into a very scary time with less and less people knowing God everyday. I believe it's largely because of the anything goes attitude. We all just keep letting things slide by and keep putting God aside saying "yeah we'll get back to that God thing later". Don't get me wrong I did it and Thank you Jesus for waking me up and giving me parents that stayed strong and didn't give up. What about the kids growing up now who the heck is going to teach them about God. So many parents have kids when they didn't want them and aren't ready to be parents yet. I mean how is someone who doesn't know who they are suppose to guide and teach a baby how to live. Abortions not the answer we can't kill Gods kids how would you like it if someone killed your kid. There not our kids to begin with Gods just entrust them to us. To raise them and instill Gods Word in them. Not to mention all the kids that live in broken homes and the orphans. Thats right I played the orphan card. I mean there is so many kids that need help that we could all have are hands full with trying to be parents to other kids that are not our own. This kids are going to be running the world one day. Things are already so corrupt imagine whats in store when people with no religious background and nothing to keep them in check like Gods Word start running things. Somebodies got to turn this around we are responsible for the generation under us. What are we going to say to God when we meet him in heaven and he ask you why you didn't spread his words to the generation below you. After all it is our part in the partnership with God to do this. I know one or two can't turn it around we will all have to could together. If you don't already maybe start reading the bible it is the number one best seller of all time you know and their is a reason for that. It contains the greatest knowledge ever known to man. Everything you need to know about living a truly happen and abundant life is in there. One of the most amazing things is that it was written thousands of years ago and everything in there still holds true today. If you don't know where to start go to the new testament and start with Matthew. Don't speed through it either there is no do date on this. I promise you will be amazed just ask God for the words to touch your heart. Then find someone to ask questions and talk about it with them. Then just reach out to others you won't even have to say anything your actions speak louder than words. Then pray ask for strength and guidance. The more you put into yourself the more God will use you. Maybe go and volunteer somewhere to help out with kids or the homeless or even your friends. Cook dinner for someone take a kid to a movie just spend some time with them. You have no idea how you may impact there lives. Imagine how good it will feel when you go to heaven and God says job well done. To save this next generation we first have to allow God to save us. If we can get to this kids the number unplanned and unwanted pregnancies will drop because the kids will have the right foundation to make better decisions and say no to it and the things that lead up to it. I just had to get that off my chest. God Bless you all. I'm done for now.      

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  1. A friend of mine likes to say that her kids are on loan from God. She says it's her job to mold them and teach them right from wrong and direct their destinies and then she'll some day be asked to give them back to God. It's hard for me to wrap my head around that concept, but it's so true.
    Been praying for you, Mark. Sounds like a great time!