Monday, January 31, 2011

Fourth Blog

            Every Tuesday we have something called The Revelation Quiz. It is "surprise surprise" over what we've learned about the book  of Revelation so far. Its set up like a game show Jeopardy to be more exact. They don't give you the answer and you give the question though. Its the other way around, but there is categories and different points amounts ( not money I wish) for each question. Teams one and two com-peat the first week and so on. I'm on team two so we had to go the first week we had it. This is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because only have one weeks of notes to study. Curse because you have no idea of what to expect as far as what types of questions they will ask and how far in depth the questions will be. We did end up winning but it wasn't what I would consider a pretty victory even though we did kick there butts. It's double elimination winners play winners and losers play losers every week till theirs two teams left which of course play for the championship. The winning team gets free tuition for a year ( yeah right). I don't think you get anything. Who knows maybe a T-shirt.
            A holocaust surviver came in and shared his life story with us he was a young child during that time. Actually he was still in his mothers womb when she was taken to one of the death camps. The Nazis' would usually take the fetus out of the women and throw it in an oven (unimaginable and cruelty I know). With the exception of the few they kept to do experiments on. This man (Peter Loth) was one lucky or unlucky ones how ever you want to look at it. His story was disturbing, seriously I thought I knew about the things that went on at those deaths camps. I was wrong there are things that went on that I had know idea about. Most of the people listening felt the same way. People were crying some had to leave the room so if you think you know all about it think again chances are you don't. The reason he came to talk about it was to teach us about forgiveness. Thats right you think forgiving people is hard. Imagine trying to truly forgive the Nazis' and then ask God to Bless them. What wrong you feel people have done to you forget about there is on way it could compare. So suck it up put you big boy or girl pants on at forgive them and ask God to Bless them. If you don't then how is God suppose to forgive you. It will get in the way of you aligning or connecting your heart with God through Jesus Christ.
               We are getting ready to start a class called Pure Heart. It is designed to examine your heart and search it for issues that you have trouble with even if you don't realize it yet. Things that may have happened to you in the past the you never dealt with properly. The nickname for the class is Puree Heart. I'm excited to see what things I have that I may have suppressed. People say it's a painful class to go through, but is happy they went through it knowing they are better for having done it. This is all in an effort to get rid of all the junk the keeps us for becoming the person God wants us to be. Sorry if anyone is tired of me talking about God just try and open up to it.
                The people here are great. I've made a bunch of friends already. Everybody is very willing to give me rides to wherever. That to me is a huge deal not just because don't have a license, but because I love it when people are so will to help out. It's something that you can't find just anywhere since people are becoming more and more selfish. I feel many people take other peoples kindness for granted. The people that give me rides not only take places when I ask, but if I don't see them they call or text me to make sure I have a ride. Now that is awesome and you can't beat that. Oh wait you can beat that and some did by having me over for lunch or inviting me to dinner. I know they probably just feel bad for me or think I can't take care of myself for whatever reason, but I'm sure and least a little part of them might actually like me. I hope at least. There's one couple Chris and Amy they are both a little younger not much though. In fact Chris 29 and Amy well I won't say some women don't like to tell people there age, but she is younger then Chris. They are from Austin, Texas and have been married for three years. They are one of my main means of transportation and are awesome people fun to hang out with and talk to, have great sense of humors, have huge hearts and they are seriously perfect for each other. I'm not just saying this because I know their going to read this either I mean it. They are in my group thats how I meet them. Then there are Zac and Kim they take me to class in the morning. I don't know how old they are I guess the 40's though. They are from New Orleans or Norlens however you wish to say it. Kim as the biggest heart in the world she loves to pray for people. Zac has a big heart too and he is a great cook too. Christine is Chinese she's younger then me not sure how much though. Christine is an artist so thats awesome I have yet to see any of her paintings though. She's a cool girl very,smart and great sense of humor and see takes me to church on Sun. and sometimes gives me rides to and from the prayer room. Our group leader is also named Zac he used to be in a band now he's married with kids. He's a great leader he gives us alot of encouragement and pushes us to get out of our comfort zones, which is exactly what I need. There is so many other great people here I could write a book on it, but I won't I'll spare ya. Thats enough for now hopefully next time I can write a little about what God is doing inside me. Email me or just leave a comment if they is anything specific you have questions about or something specific you want me to write about. Till next time.          

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  1. Some people at our church do what sounds like a similar class to the "Puree Heart" and it's called "Steps to Freedom." It's a prayer and counseling process to rid your heart of past hurt and pain that may be hindering your current situations. I've not done it, but I hear it is very powerful and freeing.

    p.s. I love the titles of your posts. So funny :)