Sunday, January 30, 2011

Third Blog

            So the couple that take me to class every morning were a little worried last week because they needed to put gas in there car, but didn't really have money to pay for it. They were talking about it one day on the way to class. They were praying that a support check would come in that they were expecting that day. I probably should have just offered to fill there tank just to be nice and they were obviously in need. I am on there way to where we go to class just thought so I don't absolutely obligated to give them money for gas just because they take me. It was in the morning too so maybe I just wasn't tuned in to what was going on either. In any case I didn't really say much at the time. Back to the point of the story. When got to class I was sitting there waiting for class to start and I over heard Zac ( the husband of the couple that take me) say that Kim his wife didn't have even enough money to get a coffee so Corey ( the main guy in charge of us) paid for it. At that moment I thought of a roll of dimes I had been carry around in my bag that I had gotten back in Goshen from my friend Coraya for getting something at the gas station for her. I don't carry cash so this was all I had. So I got it out and gave it to Zac and told him to use it for gas. He didn't want to take at first, but then I assured him that I would be fine without it. Now there something in the bible about whatever you give you will receive twice its value in return. Weather its in the form of money, knowledge etc..... The class started and I didn't put another thought into it. Break time came and I went out to go to the restroom. When I came back and sat down I looked and there was a ten dollar bill slipped in one of my books like a bookmark. I kinda looked around wondering where the heck that came from. No one was near me. Say what you want maybe someone heard the conversation from before or maybe God put it on someone's heart to give me ten dollars, but one thing for sure it was definitely God at work. I was thinking man if this is going to happen maybe I'll give more money away and keep give it away until I can retire off the money that God has given me. I haven't tested this theory out yet but that would be great if it worked.
            The church services here a little different then you typically see in Goshen, In. Here there is a service fri. and sat. night where IHOP allows the worship time to go for an hour and a half or so. It starts out with singing then leads into asking for more of the Holy Spirit or God's presence to come. When get so incredibly filled with the Holy Spirit a couple things my happen. People start to laugh uncontrollably (people call this being filled with the wine of jesus), they will shake or some will just fall to the ground. So I was standing up front with two hundred other people worshiping and praying for God to fill me with the Holy Spirit. Also that God would give me the gift of praying in tongues. All at once someone came up and started praying for me. At first they put there hand on my shoulder and prayed. then they decided to put his hand on my head and next thing I know I'm on the ground. More people came up and started praying for me while I was on the ground and now I have the gift of praying tongues. I guess the Holy Spirit just knocked me up side the head it was crazy I really can't explain it to you except it was the warmest, safest, purest filling I've ever experienced. After the leaders feel like the Holy Spirit is really thick in there they start calling off things that they fill God has told them he will heal. Those people raise there hands and other people gather around and pray for them. Sometimes they get healed sometimes they don't. Just to give you some idea though multiple people do get healed every time. Some are minor like a pain in there leg that goes away. Some of the more incredible ones if you will (even though one is not greater then the other)are. Allergic reactions to food gone and now the person can eat whatever he wants. A persons legs being different lengths now the same. People with chronic back pain for ten years some there whole life is now healed. A girl with a detached retina can now see. Thirty five years of arthritis pain gone. Thats just a couple it happens all the time around here and if your doubting weather its real or not it is these are people that I go to class with. Then after that stuff Mike Bickle preaches the message.
             Sorry gotta go I'll write more on about my friends here and how IHOP is preparing me for life and following what God has in-store for me next. I just get off on typing about other things and next thing you know I gotta be somewhere. K later on.



  1. That's really awesome! It is so amazing seeing God's hand at work.

    Keep up the great posts, Mark :)

  2. OH... and good luck with your retirement plan :)