Monday, January 17, 2011

First Blog

          Hello everyone this is where I live in Kansas City. I have four roommates three upstairs and one in the basement. My room is also in the basement. The one downstairs with me is going to the school of music at IHOP. He plays saxophone, guitar, I even heard him making up some rhymes the other day. He is one of those people who can pick an instrument and play it. Must be nice. He's 18 and his name is Micheal. Upstairs we got Shane who is 35 and used to be a plumber. He just finished the same program I'am in (Intro to IHOP) and is just staying here till he figures out what he is going to do next. Next we got James he is 39 and he was a medical student before he came here. I think he is going to return to the medical field, but maybe  something around here if he can. He's from California and also went through kind of an Intro program , but it wasn't quite as in depth as the program I'am doing. Finally we got Chris he is 52 and about to get married so he will be moving out soon. Chris went through the Simeon Company program which is like Intro, but is for people 50 and over. As for me I case someone reads this who doesn't know me. My name is Mark Yoder and I'am from Goshen, In. I insulated houses for the past nine years. Two and a half  years ago I was forced by Elkhart county to change my ways of partying. At the time I was not happy, but it has turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me. It lead to me making big changes in my life and the most important thing excepting Jesus into my heart and being saved. There is alot more to my previous life may be will share at some other time. Ever since I was saved I have wanted to go deeper in God's word and find out what it was all about. How I could learn to truly hear God and live my life how he wants me to live it. I want to experience the miracles that are talked about in the bible first hand. Finally after two years of thinking about it and trying to figure out where God wants me to go I find myself here in Kansas City,MO. at the International House of Prayer. It took alot of work to get every in order to come here ( renting my house, quiting my job etc...). I'm here now and know it was the right choice. I got some pretty crazy looks and alot of questions when I told people. I figure if people give my crazy looks and don't quite understand why. I must be on the right track since no one really understands how God works anyways. I got alot of support also. In fact I could have never made it changing my life and definitely not made it here with all the love and support I got from my wonderful friends and family. If any of you read this( you know who you are) I want you to make sure you know how important you have and I can't put into words how greatful I am for everything you've done for me. On one has helped me more then my parents. They've stuck with me through good times and bad and are the best parents anyone could ever hope to have.




  1. Hope things are going well. It was a blessing to read your blog. We have seen the change in you and have thanked the Lord. Know great things are ahead for you.

  2. so happy for you! Keep trusting in God to guide you!! (:

  3. Mark!
    I'm so happy that you're blogging about your journey. I'm going to catch up on all of them and look forward to reading more.

    It's really remarkable what God has done in your heart and in your life. You're doing such an obedient thing by responding the way you are.

    I'll definitely be praying for you.
    Take care, friend :)

  4. MARK! It's been so long since I've seen you! I'm so happy for you and excited about this journey you're on! You'll definitely be in my prayers!