Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eighth Blog

            Some came to mind last night after I got done writing that I didn't mention. Then one of my friends left me a comment talking about that word that came to mind so I'm going to take that as conformation from God. I always love feed back so thank you for your comment I hope you all look at the comment mentioning grace on my seventh blog.
            This is strait out of Nelson's Compact Bible Dictionary. Grace- Favor or kindness shown without regard to the worth or merit of the one who receives it and in spite of what the person deserves. Grace is one of the key attributes of God. The Lord God "merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abounding in goodness and truth" (Ex. 34:6). Therefore, grace is almost always associated with mercy, love, compassion and patience.
             In the Old Testament, the supreme example of grace was the redemption of the Hebrew people from Egypt and their establishment in the Promise Land. This did not happen because of any merit on Israel's part, but in spite of their unrighteousness (Deut. 7:7-8; 9: 5-6). Although the grace of God is always free and undeserved, it must not be taken for granted. Grace is only enjoyed within the covenant- the gift is given by God, and the gift is received by people through repentance and faith (Amos 5:15). Grace is to be humbly sought through the prayer of faith (Mal. 1:9).
            The grace of God was supremely revealed and given in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Jesus was not only the beneficiary of God's grace (Luke 2:40), but was also its very embodiment ( John 1:14), bringing it to mankind for salvation (Titus 2:11). By His death and resurrection, Jesus restored the broken fellowship between God and His people, both Jew and Gentile (meaning us). The only way of salvation for any person is " through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ" (Acts 15:11).
             The theme of grace is especially prominent in the letters of Paul. He sets grace radically over against the law and the works of law (Rom. 3:24, 28). Paul makes it abundantly clear that salvation is not something that can be earned; it can be received only as a gift of grace (Rom. 4:4). Grace, however, must be accompanied by faith; a person must trust in the mercy and favor of God, even while it is undeserved (Rom. 4:16; Gal. 2:16).
              I realize that was a long explanation but I decided rather than pick and choose the to put in out of that book I would just write it all so I hope it is helpful and gives you much confidence knowing that God gives us grace to help us. Without it we would not be able to accomplish even the simplest things. Ask God for grace in everything you do and always make sure you thank him for it.
              Heres something that my roommate showed me totally off subject but I thought it was really cool maybe some of you have seen it before. If  you take all the names from Adam to Jesus in order and write down there meanings in order it tells a story. So here it is:

Adam                     Man
Seth                        is appointed
Enosh                     a mortal man of
Kenan                     sorrow!
Mahalalel                The glory of God
Jared                       shall come down
Enoch                      instructing that
Metheselah              His death shall bring
Lamech                   those in despair
Noah                      comfort and rest!
Shem                      The fame of
Arphaxad                Babylon's fortress (but I will make Babylon fade away!)
Cainain                    and sorrow
Shelah                     extend like a plant
Eber                        beyond the place of
Peleg                       division (at the tower of babel)
Ren                         a friend
Serug                      also branches out
Nahor                     enraged
Terah                      with fury!
Abram                     A glorious father (Abraham- the father of a multitude)
Isaac                       laughs
Jacob                      as He outwits( his enemy)
Levi                         (then) joins himself to
Kohath                    an assembly
Amram                    a glorious
Moses                     (whom) he rescued,
Gershom                 stranger(s) in a strange land,
Shebuel                   captives delivered by God
Judah                      one who praises the Lord
Perez                       breaks open a way (into)
Hezron                    an area surrounded by a wall
Ram                        of great height
Amminadab             O' my people who belong to the prince,
Nahshon                  a prophet
Salmon                    clothed
Boaz                        with strength,
Obed                       who serves (the Lord)
Jesse                        is here!
David                       one well-loved
Solomon                   peaceful
Rehoboam                and who sets the people free
Abijah                      my father is the Lord
Asa                           the healer of
Jehoshaphat              him who the Lord judged
Jehoram                    and whom the Lord raised up!
Ahaziah                    The Lord took hold (of me)
Joash                        and the Lord is strong!
Amaziah                    mighty is the Lord!
Uzziah                       My strength is in the Lord!
Jotham                      The Lord is perfect!
Ahaz                         I took hold of
Hezekiah                   the strength of the Lord.
Manasseh                  It made (me) forget (my misery)
Amon                        Truly (I am) the master builder
Josiah                        whom the Lord healed,
Jehaikim/Eliakim        whom the Lord raised up,
Jeconiah                    whom the Lord appointed,
Coniah                      upheld
Jehoiachin                 and will uphold!
Shealtiel                     I have asked God about
Pedaiah                     the ransomed of the Lord,
Zerubbabel                the exiles who are in Babylon.
Abiud                        My father is glorious;
Eliakim                      My God will raise up
Azor                         a helper
Zadok                       the just (one)
Akim                         will the Lord raise up!
Eliud                          My God is praise
Eleazor                      God will help!
Matthan                     May the gift of
Jacob                        Jacob
Joseph                       increase (in greatness)
Emmanuel                  For God is with us
   Jesus Christ             The Messiah and Savior of
Church                       those called out of (Babylon)

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