Monday, May 23, 2011

Ninth Blog

           Well well long time no blog. I do apologize for allowing so much time to go by in between blogs. I do feel a little obligated at times to share with whoever is interested in what I have to say. I know that the feeling of obligation is not from God. At the same time do not want to cast any opportunity that God has given me to let people know what is going on in my life. You never know how God is using you to help others ever when you have no idea God is using you. I think that when God is using you and you don't know it is the best way in one sense cause then you don't have a chance for that boastful or prideful thought to creep into your head. I would rather walk in humility and meekness any day. In saying this I count it as an honor or a gift from God for him to give me an opportunity to sow into others and possibly bring people closer to God or even to cause people to ask Jesus into there lives for the first time. This is possible only because of the words or thoughts giving to me as a gift from God through the Holy Spirit. I pray that me along with everyone else will never belittle the ways God uses us to bring people to him. Weather it is through words, thoughts or the way we live we should always be aware that we are Gods people and need to try and live how Jesus taught us to. Only by that example will others begin to see what we have in Christ and want the same thing.
            Since I started Track 2 seven weeks ago God has called me closer to him. He told me he wants me to give more of myself to him. So I started chasing him harder spending more time in the prayer in between classes and less time with friends. I believe he began to set me apart from the people I had been running after God with during Track 1. He did this not because those I was with before were bad for me but because it was what was necessary so God could impact me in the way that he wanted to. He has been giving me more of his heart, emotions and teaching me how to love him and others as he does. There is to sides to his love one is that mushy gushy love we all like to feel. The other is that love for us that corrects us when we are in the wrong. Its all in an effort to keep us in line with him to make us aware of our sin so we will grow in him and rise us above it. He is a righteous Dad and loves us more than we can even comprehend. This kind of love will then just flow though us to others thus bringing more people to a life with the heart of God at the center. I like to think of it as we are a pipeline and God just flows though us in order to reach as many people as possible. I also like to think of it as a spider web Gods in the center and he gives us the chance to be a part of that web. To partner with him and spread the Kingdom of God that we will rule the earth along side him when heaven comes to earth after the return of Jesus instead of the alternative. Bottom line is no matter how often we might like to think so ( myself included probably more then alot of people cause I like to think it is about me) it is never ever ever ever about you no matter what. Even the gifts God gives us are to give away to others. To pass them on so as many as possible can be brought to the Kingdom of God. So just when you think something you receive a thought, feeling, encouraging words etc... was just for you guess what its not just for you so pass it on cause its for everybody. Well I was really hoping to write more but I've run out of time. Its been a joy may to God be the Glory.

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