Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back in Indiana

          I been back in Indiana for about a month now. I'm living at my parents house which I have enjoyed thus far. It has been great sending time with them and slowly growing closer to them. It's been great getting to see all my friends as well. I haven't got to reconnect with all of them yet but one by one I am getting to talk to and see them. It's great to see what they've been up to and what there plans are for the future but most of all I'm glad to see that God is working in all there lives. It is an answer to my prayers.
           After being in a place where everyone is radically focused on pursuing God then coming to a place where there isn't as much focus on it do to people having many other jobs and responsibilities is takes a bit to adjust. This makes me treasure my time at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) that much more. It truly was a blessing and would recommend it to anyone. It really brought Jesus to life for me and helped understand all that he has and still does for us. I just got a taste of it during my 6 months at IHOP and am looking forward to going back and attending the Forerunner school of Ministry at IHOP. I believe that this is the next step for me on my journey to to partner with Jesus and help direct the next generation to Christ. I don't know how it will all pan out in the future but I know this is what he is calling me to do. I believe that we are all called to do his in some shape or form but all to different degrees of it. Its all a matter of what we say Yes to and where our heart is with that Yes. Now just because someone says Yes to one thing and another person says No to that same thing doesn't make anyone more or less of a follower of Christ it just means that God calls people to different things or areas of partnering with him. I believe the most important thing is where your heart is with the decisions we make. If you can have a peaceful, loving and thankful heart truly with no regrets and you know that you know that you know it is the right thing for you. Then that is what God is calling you to and it my change in the future but for that particular time in your life that is what God is calling to to. I am of course not giving anyone permission to say Yes to anything that is morally or ethically wrong according to what Jesus taught us in the sermon on the mount (Matt 5-7).
         So far since I got baptized and made it official that I was going to be a follower of Christ for the rest for my life three years ago it has been great. It has also been the hardest thing I have ever done and I know the deeper I go in following Jesus the harder it is going to get that's just something you have to except. I know the closeness to God through Jesus Christ I receive will far dwarf the sacrifices.
         I'm not sure how long I will be in Goshen but I expect it will be a little while. I plan to work and also work on forerunner partnership development which is finding people that will partner with me by committing to pray and/or partner with me financially to help me walk out what God is calling me to. I realize many already know this so sorry if all this is just things you've already heard. That's all for now blessings.

        P.S. Sorry for such a long gap in between blogs.    

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